The Phantom Girl [GoMxReader]

The Phantom Girl [GoMxReader]

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Generation Of Miracles x Reader

    Apart from Kuroko, there was another rumor about the Generation of Miracles. The rumor was named the phantom girl, she was the co-manager of the Teiko basketball team and had amazing talents. Apparently, she had all the talents of the abilities of the Generation of Miracles. 

     No one knows if this is true or not, except for the Generation of Miracles themselves. Sadly, the rumor died as quickly as it came. Apparently, the girl had moved to America, leaving Japan and the Generation of Miracles behind.

     But... what if she comes back?

kiceyoo kiceyoo Jun 30
What I got out of puberty was a rack and my friends developing crushes on me to which I was/am oblivious to.  I also got pimples and periods.
The only thing I got out of puberty was bloating(periods) and boobs
I'm still going through puberty. I don't think I would look any prettier...
ClarMatsu ClarMatsu Sep 25
Tbvh, if only Y/N doesnt tell them how she does it to them,it'll be so much fun that GOM has to figure out HAHAHA
                              She'll be like Kagami soon xD
Puberty= Height+Rack+Butt+Cheekbones+Periods=Hell. Tallest girl of my age, large assets make all the guys stare, and periods make life uncomfortable.
SoRadgirl SoRadgirl Jan 05
So good!  I have been searching for a story like this!  So happy I found one this fabulous!