Lies (Denis Stoff)

Lies (Denis Stoff)

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TwitchyGhost By welliethedonkey77 Updated Apr 18, 2016

Alice thinks she's 14 but is really 16. Her parents have been lying  to her about her age. 

Warped tour is over and it was Her first time going. She was fortunate enough to meet Asking Alexandria.

Denis is 20 and finished touring for a little while. He's currently finishing his album with Ben. 

While in the studio, Denis gets a call from his parents. It's big news that he wasn't aware of. 

They meet once again, but in Alice's  own  home.

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clarythewicked clarythewicked Apr 01, 2017
i dont know why, but i could imagine Shane Dawson doing this. yikes.
welliethedonkey77 welliethedonkey77 Jun 29, 2016
@Denis_Stoff_123 cool, I struggle with English, and that is the only language I can speak...
dhsjdnsjsjkskn dhsjdnsjsjkskn Oct 08, 2016
okay but I'll be there all day trying to decide which one 💀
WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX WolfyXgetscaredXBvBX Jan 22, 2017
I speak.... English... And I know a few words in German u.u BUT IDEK HOW TO PRONOUNCE THEM 😂 I read the words in a fanfic.
Hoot_Hoot_Mgoot Hoot_Hoot_Mgoot Apr 04, 2016
That reminds me of a vine lol where it shows the rhianna song and then bo Burnham is like I like this game this is fun lol
sadxgirlyy sadxgirlyy Jan 31, 2017
you actually have no sense of smell when you are asleep. just a Fun!!Fact!!