Not So Prince Charming

Not So Prince Charming

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dan = phil By fortheloveofphxn Updated Jul 20, 2016

Dan Howell? That's His Royal Highness Daniel James Howell, heir to a small European country's throne, to you, pleb. A royal pain in the ass, too, apparently. And him? Well, he's just Phil: a down on his luck journalist, searching desperately for a news story that'll save him from losing his crappy job.

And who are they? They're members of the Russell family, a once prestigious dynasty brought to ruins by Howell's powerful ancestors. Bitter and resentful, they eye Perigna's heir as means of getting revenge to an old and potent slight.

What are the chances of all three meeting up in London, eh?

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wasabimark wasabimark Oct 02, 2016
I have flaming tacos but I'll put them down just for you >:D 😝
OfficialLegendaryEgg OfficialLegendaryEgg Mar 17, 2016
I don't have a pitchfork . . .but I have a dull spork that couldn't even harm a ant so I think your safe :)
nooneinparticular0 nooneinparticular0 Jan 17, 2017
*sigh* fine I'll put off my cosplaying as literal Satan until tomorrow
audreyx77 audreyx77 Nov 16, 2016
I was named after Audrey Hepburn so honestly I'm disappointed my name won't be in it but I'M SO EXCITED TO READ THIS
Melanny_Reece Melanny_Reece Dec 19, 2016
Lmao omg your personality is so great I love it already and I haven't even started the book yet
phanfic101- phanfic101- Jan 24, 2016
What a kind young man don't you say Martha *in a Dutch accent*