Dangerous Love (Boyxboy)

Dangerous Love (Boyxboy)

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Donnell Alexander By DonnellAlexander Updated Apr 07, 2015

I would have NEVER thought I would fall or a guy like him. He's a rebel while I'm a shy spirit. He has scars while I have boo-boos. He goes to wild parties while I stay at home to do home work....  Everything about him is the OPPOSITE of me. But why him?   Why did I have to swell with emotions when I see him? Why would my legs go all jello when he would look at me? Why did I dream of him holding me. Like he would never let go? WHY?!   

 Talon Racca has everything a 16 year old would want in high school. No friends, shy demeanor, a tendency to get nervous from the slightest touch of ANYONE and finally gay. He's living the dream....Until his whole world made a one-eighty....  Cyrus Parsons is the bad boy of the school. He's cold,bold, street-smart, an all around bad ass. Cyrus is feared throughout the whole school. The only friends he has are Matthew and Samuel. Mostly because they are apart of a well known gang; TRC. 

TRC is a ruthless gang that shows no mercy when it comes to people who cross them. They get into brawls that turn bloody and always come out on top. Who better to be the leader of TRC than Cyrus with Matthew and Samuel as his left and right hand men. Everything is going great for Cyrus as the leader of TRC. He leads with an iron fist. Noting could get in the way of the gangs rein or Cyrus's. Or could it......  Only one person can change Cyrus's whole perspective of the world. Only one person can bring out a whole new person Cyrus didn't know existed. That person will become what Cyrus can never live without. That he would disband TRC for. 

Let's not forget the danger that's looming over Talon....

.... Is Talon ready?


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drakkii555 drakkii555 Jun 19
Great first chapter gave me chills but needs minor grammar work not that my writing is any better
LoveThrillerStalker LoveThrillerStalker May 16, 2017
I like it. Its only first charger but I like it. Keep up the.good work.
On Fridays, I would run away screaming "I ESCAPED THAT HELLHOLE!! " after school. Pretty much everyone is use to it.
AriSto-sensei AriSto-sensei Apr 12, 2017
It started quite well i can say! I loved the flash back and i loved the bloodlust murderer who i have a feeling that we'll see him again XD!
soccergoalkeeper soccergoalkeeper Aug 03, 2016
Well, my emotions have never been more distraught so all in all a fantastic chapter.
LovelyLady68 LovelyLady68 Jun 17, 2014
different.  I will wait until you finish it before I read it.  Keep writing and I will keep reading.  Enjoy life.