Miss. Fatty Who? (Book 2 in the Undesirable Trilogy)

Miss. Fatty Who? (Book 2 in the Undesirable Trilogy)

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Kat By Ourbrokenworld Updated May 09, 2016

Warning- I would recommend reading the book That's Miss. Fatty to You before continuing this book. It contains characters and concepts from that preivious book. 
You have been warned.

"Lil, I have wanted you since I met you three years ago."
"And I made it clear that I don't want you."
"Are you sure?" He asked as he rubbed his hands on the skin on my waist. I felt a familiar tingle cover my body. He leaned down and nibbled on my ear and I felt myself become engulfed in him.
"I don't want sex, Lil. I want you. I want your soul, heart, mind and body to be mine. I want to love you because you have never been loved. And I want to make you whole for the first time in years. I want to make you mine." He said and his lips captured mine.


Lillian has been alone for three years now. Her friendship remade with Janey, has made things easier to live with. Not to mention her incredible weight loss which makes her feels better with herself.

Men hitting on her has become more common.  

She works at Eat It as the new owner and 'CEO'. Things are beginning to go better for her. 
And then she meets an old flame. 

Xavior Owens waltzes right back into her store for the first time in three years and turns her world upside down with his normal charm and handsome smirk.

He wants his cupcake back.

And he won't stop until he gets it.

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YadiraMedina YadiraMedina Aug 18, 2015
I like it but I think it was too soon for Davior to be involved in the book.
Kung-Fvck-You Kung-Fvck-You Aug 18, 2015
Love it but Xavior can go die in a hole cause I don't like him.