Destiel One Shots

Destiel One Shots

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sam By septic-deviant Updated Jan 28, 2016

“Stay," he pleaded. “I'm cold." 

Castiel couldn't refuse the pitiful look in Dean's eyes but the hunter needed medicine. 

When Cas didn't move, Dean tugged his arm. Cas groaned and slid back to his spot next to his sick little baby. 

Dean smiled triumphantly and nuzzled into Cas' chest. 

“You're spoiled Dean," Cas teased, playing with his boyfriend's hair. 

“You love me," Dean retorted, burrowing deeper into Cas' arms. 

“Yeah," Castiel said reticently.
 “I do." 

Just a series of /mostly/ cute Destiel one shots.

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-spook -spook Jan 03
                              WHY YOU ALWAYS LYING
                              STOP FÜCKIN LYING
Danica-Queen-of-Hell Danica-Queen-of-Hell Aug 20, 2017
Knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
aldyyne aldyyne Jan 12
Aaare you sure? Cause Mr. Fizzles can sense when you're being a LIAAAAR
MollyWalker273 MollyWalker273 Oct 16, 2017
What are you standing around for Dean go after that hot piece of angel ass
alphawolf0817 alphawolf0817 Sep 08, 2017
This is legitimately one of the best Destiel oneshots I have ever read. Amazing job!❤️🌈
waitingfordestiel waitingfordestiel Apr 08, 2017
'since when did Dean notice Cas' lips' since you always stare at them, I would think