Destiel One Shots

Destiel One Shots

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sam By aggressive-fangirl Updated Jan 27

“Stay," he pleaded. “I'm cold." 

Castiel couldn't refuse the pitiful look in Dean's eyes but the hunter needed medicine. 

When Cas didn't move, Dean tugged his arm. Cas groaned and slid back to his spot next to his sick little baby. 

Dean smiled triumphantly and nuzzled into Cas' chest. 

“You're spoiled Dean," Cas teased, playing with his boyfriend's hair. 

“You love me," Dean retorted, burrowing deeper into Cas' arms. 

“Yeah," Castiel said reticently.
 “I do." 

Just a series of /mostly/ cute Destiel one shots.

Keep thinking that Dean. Soon you'll realize your gay
                              -10 minutes later* OH GOD DEAN, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD *splat* LESSON DONE BISHES
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Ghost_is_gone Ghost_is_gone 2 days ago
Who else just wants to scream "Your gay!" Whenever they watch supernatural