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Fairy Tail Lemons

Fairy Tail Lemons

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lucefilia By lucefilia Updated Jun 07, 2016

A collection of fairy tail lemons! 

These stories DO NOT belong to me! 

Again, they're a collection. 

The author(s) of each lemon will be given. 

You can leave requests!


Bombarda maxima sorry I just thought it was a good time for a Harry Potter joke
FangirlingDemon FangirlingDemon Oct 23, 2016
Sylvia is sitting here blushing... WHAT THE HELL?! WHY IS SYLVIA BLUSHING?!?! NO! Sylvia can only blush for Rin-sama! *Smacks cheeks* STAHP IT!
                              Rin: *Rolls eyes* You're speaking in the third person again...
                              Me: S-Sylvia's sorry Rin-sama! >///<
All I saw was a whole lot of 'This comment may be offensive'
FangirlingDemon FangirlingDemon Oct 23, 2016
I will admit... Juvia has some sexy legs. And I'm straight!
                              Okay... Not when it comes to anime. I turn straight up bisexual when I watch anime 😂
FangirlingDemon FangirlingDemon Oct 23, 2016
😂😂😂 Yasssss!! Mira doesn't even flip out. She's just like, "I knew they'd f*ck. And I made that happen."
T-MVill_Girl T-MVill_Girl Dec 03, 2016
                              Just Kidding!!! Give Lucy all the kisses! And make Nalu Babies! 33 of 'em!