Dark, Light or In Between? ADOPTED!!

Dark, Light or In Between? ADOPTED!!

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It's Harry Potter's Sixteenth birthday and he is about to have the shock of his life!
All is not what it seems.
Secrets have been hidden away are about to found out and what's more the manipulations of the closet to Harry.
With nothing else left for him what else can he do but turn to his own side to figure out who he really is.

This is a Harry Potter Fanfiction.
I do not own any of the Harry Potter franchise.
This is a boyxboy and girlxboy.

Harry Potter x Fred&George Weasley.
There are more relationship, but they are a surpise :P

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I know it's only the 1st chapter  (I've yet to read more), but this story should have way more than 8 comments....It's really good!
I love this story already. I love when Harry kicks ass. I love it when he gets his revenge. This is really good, I'm gonna read on because I'm curious to see what revenge Harry has planned for all those who have wronged him.
Tuni is a squib and so the Evans family comes from a long line of squibs that's where lily got her magic her dad or mum married a muggle and that refreshes the magic
Broken_DreamCatcher Broken_DreamCatcher May 17, 2016
Fawkes, honey. Of course he will. Harry's not a Slytherin for nothing.(even if he doesn't believe it)