The So-Called "High Life"

The So-Called "High Life"

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Nico di Angelo By Nico_Solace Updated Feb 23

Nico di Angelo, Prince of Malavita, has known his whole life he was going to have to marry the Princess of Caray. For most of his childhood, she was just a distant fact. He was going to marry her and that was that. The Prince, however, becomes uncomfortable with the idea as he gets older and realizes he isn't into women at all.

When it is announced that the Princess and her Father are coming to Malavita, Nico's not so distant future crashes in on him and he finally realizes he's getting married. To a woman of all people.

Should he go along with it and live his life in a loveless marriage or should he resist and marry the man of his dreams?

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Webkinzluver5 Webkinzluver5 Sep 04, 2017
Aryanna5323 Aryanna5323 Jun 04, 2017
Ok, no more Jase. I keep thinking if Jace and I wanna cry 😭😂
CamisCorner CamisCorner Mar 07
Ok so Piper is out. Hmmmm 🤔
                              It's either Annabeth or an OC than
CamisCorner CamisCorner Mar 07
Curse mah Voltron brain. I read Galatia and mah immediate thought was "Galra?"
TacoChelBell TacoChelBell Jul 20, 2017
i thought it was annabeth.... why did it think it was annabeth...
ShellHacker ShellHacker Aug 20, 2017
This reminds me of before HoO when I would read a percabeth fic with thalico in it 😂 (they disregarded Thalia as a hunter)