[HIATUS] My Enemy, My Husband

[HIATUS] My Enemy, My Husband

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meow_oats By seu-waeg97mi Updated Dec 24, 2016

I know, I know. It sounds cliché but it's not wrong to give it a try, right? :D 

Forced marriage between two enemies who used to be best friends. Will they be able to keep their marriage as a secret without showing any signs or leaving traces behind?

Start: 19 Oct 2015
Repub: 17 July 2016

My english may not be perfect at the moment but there will be an improvement ')

jeonjayeon jeonjayeon Dec 30, 2016
RM has too much jams that's why no more for him. He stole all Jimin's jams, so Jimin became jamless lmao
AiniMilaKawaii AiniMilaKawaii Dec 30, 2016
He's grounded because Jimin's mom told Nmajoon's parents that Namjoon stole Jimin's jams
Jibootyhole Jibootyhole Jan 16
Jisoo_13 Jisoo_13 Jan 20
Now I remember where I read this I reallyyyyy hate Park Minji!!
moCHIanG moCHIanG 3 days ago
same here just add BTS and KPOP to that list of things I need and I'll be content
iqhwan_5022 iqhwan_5022 Jun 02, 2016
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