Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU)

Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU)

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AngelMariaKurenai By AngelMariaKurenai Updated Mar 27, 2016

Imagine Dean, the playboy of your school and once good friend, hooking up with every girl but being interested only in you. Although you are in a secret relationship with your teacher Mr. Castiel Novak. 

A/N: The imagine kind of gives a lot away, but yeah. Also, changed Dean to Jensen because that’s how I’ve been asked to do it. Not that it makes a big difference. Jensen’s character is a lot similar to that of Dean, just like it happens with the rest of the characters included. It still is Jensen though. 

Also this is actually really AUish (still believable I hope) so I don’t think anybody would have a problem that it is real life people…? Even if you do, well, don’t worry. I mostly focus on Supernatural characters on this blog, so yeah. This is set on High School and many years ago and yeah, you get it I guess.

The actors are simply used as characters, guys. It is after all a fanfiction.

phan3m phan3m Jul 25, 2016
This was really pretty but all my brain would think of was the word "tyranatit-rex"
- - Apr 03, 2016
Mom, you just told me to hurry my ass up, and then you ask me about eating breakfast. Mom logic
Supernatural214 Supernatural214 Jun 28, 2016
Did you just make a meme about purgatory?!?!😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍
i_am_divergent4 i_am_divergent4 Nov 28, 2016
Somebody that I used to know! Love that song. Dude u awesome
Fullondestieltrash Fullondestieltrash Jan 14, 2016
I SEE A BRENDON FUCKlNG URIE OVER HEREEEEE (you're amazing I love you)
- - Dec 28, 2015
Omg. My first thought was like "ha, ha nice, okay, Gabriel is my brother, but then a Brendon Urie reference!!!" Oh, hell yeah I can dig this! (I love all of your stories btw ๏‿๏)