dark secrets  ▸  liam dunbar [2]

dark secrets ▸ liam dunbar [2]

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olivia, the disaster By obrohsey Updated Aug 22, 2017

After a surprisingly uneventful summer, Emma Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, and Mason Hewitt are returning to Beacon Hills High School for their sophomore year. Now that the Benefactor is no longer a threat, the dead pool has been destroyed, and the power-hungry Peter Hale is seemingly out of their lives for good, it finally seems like the town of Beacon Hills can stop to take a breath.

But Beacon Hills never stays quiet for long. With a dark, mysterious new threat lurking in the shadows and Emma getting further entangled with the supernatural, her wish for a quiet year isn't exactly going to come true. A strange group of scientists only known as the Dread Doctors are rising, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. Dark secrets are surfacing, and they're putting everything Emma thought she knew to the test.

The clock is ticking. Innocent people are dying. And as the danger from within Scott's own pack intensifies, Emma and her friends will find themselves ensnared in a deadly plot far more horrifying than they could ever imagine.


teen wolf ; season 5
book two in the emma stilinski trilogy
[[ ©obrohsey 2015-2018 ]]

DISCLAIMER: all rights go to teen wolf and its creators. i own nothing from this story except my original characters and their plotlines.

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