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CaseyAnn By casey151 Updated Jul 25, 2016

Naruto was never born in the hidden leaf village. He's been in prison for 6 years, he's 12 now. He has a hidden powerful ability that he could not control and it ended up blowing up a whole village, killing everyone. With a war going on with hidden leaf and sound, hokage tsunade needed help, someone powerful to help them so she gets Naruto out of prison to help in the was which he agrees cause he gets out of jail, now he has to train the genin teams as well at fight on the front lines.

Will he survive and get his freedom?


Will he die on the front lines?

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Ive_Been_Made Ive_Been_Made Mar 12, 2017
If a big and smug guy like you is in this prison do you seriously think it would be wise to antagonize the 12 year old? And why did you automatically go for the 12 year old you idiotic coward. He is clearly strong if he can be there and your clearly dickless
Dojowill2904 Dojowill2904 Dec 21, 2017
Well naruto i don't know what happened six years ago wanna tell
SarcasticKitsune SarcasticKitsune Aug 02, 2017
TSUNADE-BAA-CHAN AND PERVY SAGE~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_AM007_ _AM007_ May 15, 2016
All o could think when i saw the titler was:
                              "You probaly didnt expect this motherduckers....
                              Now im free
Snarky_Loser Snarky_Loser Jan 08, 2017
Can't help but think they've actually tried to have a small pond or lake before and that exact thing happening with the inmates. *sigh* this is why we can't have nice things guys.
Narutoismylover22 Narutoismylover22 Apr 10, 2016
That piece of shït village go see the village hidden rain/ Amegakure