The "Cool Ice Princess" (SEVENTEEN  fanfic)

The "Cool Ice Princess" (SEVENTEEN fanfic)

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Nurfasyabillahzah_ By Niknurfasyabilahzah_ Updated Jul 23, 2016

Everyone is afraid of her. No one dares to talk to her. Even the old Queenka gave up her title because she is scared of her. Who wouldn't though, she beat up people who mess with her and she has a very cold voice that might make a person shiver. No kidding. But everyone adore,admire and some even envy her. Why, you ask? One word: smart. She's really smart although she always skip classes. She always get the highest score in school. Cool,right? Everyone called her the "Cool Ice Princess".

There's something weird though and that is the Kingkas never met her. They heard rumors about her but they never saw her although they tried but no luck. 

On the other hand, a new transferred student,a beautiful-bitchy girl,came to their school. The girls hates her but the boys *sigh* they're just a bunch of cheese ball. She heard about the "Cool Ice Princess" and met her. She automatically despise her. An evil plan pop out in her mind, now she just want to get rid of the so-called "Cool Ice Princess".
Hey, MY fellow candies. This is a SEVENTEEN fanfic. I just love them, they're like the cutest and the coolest people ever (for me). I can't help it to not make a fanfic about them. So, Ta-dah , here's a fanfic for their fans. Hope you enjoy, vote but mostly comment. Love you~~

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Myshywoozi Myshywoozi Mar 23
This girl reminds me of me because I'm cold to people everyone in my school stays away from me
I bet my life she was the one who gave herself the QUEENKA title.
                              I'm sorry I'm so aggressive
Myshywoozi Myshywoozi Mar 23
Oh my gawd this sasaeng better have one eye open I'm coming with my guitar!
New QueenKa? More like just a princess, wait no peasant. Hates SongJi? So Haters honna Hate. Sasaeng? Not the only one I know😒. Rude,bicthy,bossy? Probably spoiled. Beautiful? Yeah Beautifully Fake😐. More what more is there? Sorry i'm salty to this.. whoever she is
HuangShiya HuangShiya Dec 25, 2016
I read it as yoonmin. XD
                              My eyesight is getting worst omg! XD