Ayato Kirishima X Reader  One Shots

Ayato Kirishima X Reader One Shots

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Hai there my potatoes (^o^)/ Just a bunch od Ayato Kirishima x Reader One Shots. Hope you enjoy!

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-_-Ok-_- -_-Ok-_- Aug 12
😂😂😂 God. I actually love the comment section more than the story 😂😂 Lol. I have no life. 😂😂😂
Lady in the audience:
                              Can you shut up?
                              Person recording:
                              No bitch no.
*Actually likes winter because it relates to soul*
                              *actually is a cold person, somewhat badass*
Blankie-Chan x Reader.
                              I-its beautiful 👌👍👏😆😮😇
casuallyhemmings casuallyhemmings Dec 20, 2016
i find this so relatable bc me and my friends stay getting drunk asf and idk this just touches my heart lmao
tardiscake2004 tardiscake2004 Dec 11, 2016
Wait their ghouls right wouldn't they puke after eating all this... so why just why Author-Chan