Things That Put Me Off FanFiction [DC EDITION]

Things That Put Me Off FanFiction [DC EDITION]

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tash By tashbumblebee Updated Oct 11

Things That Put Me Off Fanfiction is back with a DC Edition! What puts me off reading these stories? Well, let's find out!

I won't lie, some of the things in here may offend you (if you're a person who does these things, of course), so I apologise in advance.

[Cover by @-sippycups]

bheatley bheatley Aug 19
This is all so true. It's just as bad in the Game of Thrones universe so I moved to DC (although Flash and Arrow for me) and I've been disappointed by the lack of original characters. Although I shouldn't speak, I'm guilt of some of these. This is really funny!
Scarecrow would definitely do this
                              Riddler would pull a Sherlock and call us intellectually inferior and kill us 
                              And no one can be that obsessed with Alice in Wonderland
I'm so glad I found this!!!! Someone's finally saying it 😫😫
Daneeion Daneeion Sep 09
I can get Dean in character o.O I guess that saves me from those characters.
-papakylee -papakylee May 22
Honestly, most stories that try to pull shît like this, usually fail. Sometimes even deleting the story later because they got flamed for being unoriginal and shît, I don't like them at all
Would you like a story where the oc is a regular police who actually does something, and doesn't fall in love with the criminal on first sight? I know I would!