The School Nerd, is the Billionaire's Daughter - Version 2 -

The School Nerd, is the Billionaire's Daughter - Version 2 -

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Lovely By Moon_Girl495 Updated Sep 20, 2011

Nobody likes Gabriella because of the way she looks. Her hair is a mess, her thick brows and her eyes are topped by big, round glasses.

After being made fun of at her school and feeling like her heart had been torn apart, her mother confesses to her one thing that changed her life the most. Her father is William Simon Salvadore, the richest man in Paris and 2nd all over the world. He owns a toy company, an amusement park, a real estate empire and a ‘gorgeous’ mansion that he lives in. Only the reason why he needs Gabriella, is because he got ill, not that he don't love her, he really does. But was afraid that his belongings will all go to nothing, but he is sure that he got an heir, his child with his long time wife.

Gabriella then embarks on a new start of life, as Alecsandra Quinn Salvadore. She was given a makeover. She is no longer the nerd you disgust, but a girl that will surely enlighten the whole room with her beauty and fashionable clothes. And only one thing she’d like to taste, is a sweet revenge from her past former classmate and 'hot' quarter back... Tristan Morisson. The boy who broke her heart.

Alecsandra's plans are going perfectly, though she never realize that Tristan, once more, will capture her heart. And not realizing that she, captured his too.

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obsessed_over_words obsessed_over_words Dec 20, 2017
The story line is same as Princess Diaries, you even kept Anna Hathaway. Just she doesn't have a dad and your character does
Meevbota123 Meevbota123 Jul 29, 2017
Yay! I found the story!
                              I saw the trailer on YouTube and had to read it!
shangelina shangelina Feb 07, 2016
I was catchy from the description of this book!
                              I am definetly going to read it, as soon as I have a spare moment 
                              I also see you are rewriting it for some english mistakes. Are you not english motertongue? I'm trying to write a book thought I'm not mothertongue and I am so slow doing it!
JustMe132 JustMe132 Oct 26, 2014
This is a really cool book. 
                              Is this based on Princess Diaries?
AngelinaBeatriceSalv AngelinaBeatriceSalv Dec 30, 2013
Can i be a billionare too? My last name is Salvador. Close enough. Ahaha XD
namelessnd namelessnd Dec 06, 2013
i watched your trailer and pleaseeeeee keep writing this book