❌Run Bitches!❌ |UFCxWWE| {1/3 Supreme Trilogy} #Wattys2015

❌Run Bitches!❌ |UFCxWWE| {1/3 Supreme Trilogy} #Wattys2015

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"No, I won't! We don't need her!" Roman yelled to the other Two shield members, Seth and Dean

"Yes we do! Even though it's hard to accept, yes we do need her help" Dean shouted back.

They were just attacked by Evolution and they even bring Stephanie with them. They're looking for someone who isn't afraid to stand up to Stephanie, and no one from their roster is capable enough to do it, so they have to improvise

"Why can't we get Rousey?"

"Admit it, she's stronger than Rousey. Hell, Rousey is afraid of her." Seth insisted. He took his phone out and handed it to Roman

"Call Vince and make him contact Dana White. We need someone to balance things out around here, we need Alpha Jade"

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GeckoKai1972 GeckoKai1972 Nov 22, 2017
thankz yo completely destroyed my thoughts about Dean. What is this? Some kind of bdsm?
David_Gillett David_Gillett Jun 10, 2016
Hey, interesting summery, I love MMA and WWE, so I look forward to seeing where you go with this