Vacation with the boys!  Various Attack on Titan Boys x Reader

Vacation with the boys! Various Attack on Titan Boys x Reader

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Charmin_Armin By Charmin_Armin Updated Oct 03, 2015

When young (Y/N) (L/N) dreamt about joining the Survey Corps she never once thought about vacation, but that all changes when Hanji gives them a week off. It's a fun and games until the boys start acting strange, and you start to realize this vacation isn't just for relaxation, but for romance.

I know pretty cheesy, but I'm not great at describing things. What I am great at is writing fan fiction!;)

I'm not sure why people add these, but I feel like it might be important. So I don't own Attack on Titan or any of the characters.  I don't own the pictures in the collages, but I did make the collage!

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jeanthesloth jeanthesloth Oct 14, 2017
                              I only know that because my bestfriend is obsessed with it even though she is over 10
I have the 11th highest GPA in my graduating class.
                              Don't mess with me.
Icy-chan Icy-chan Apr 18, 2017
Pony boy.................. PONYBOY IT THAT YOU!!!!!!! (the outsiders)
jeanthesloth jeanthesloth Oct 14, 2017
Lol i love how everyone is saying really annoying names that are used in those teen diary books
jeanthesloth jeanthesloth Oct 14, 2017
I think erwin just wants to watch a bunch of sad anime with levi
Average_Otaku_Girl Average_Otaku_Girl Nov 26, 2017
ya all they care about is which girls like them. The competitive part... totally. Im a huge tomboy, i love sports, but in gym, all of the boys hog the soccer field and none of the girls can play