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The tides of change (Tales of a gutsy Ninja 1) - Completed!

The tides of change (Tales of a gutsy Ninja 1) - Completed!

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P.M Weissmann By Weissmann96 Completed

" As long as there are those who believe peace is possible, there still is hope.
 - Jiraiya(Tales of a gutsy ninja)

* * * * *

Ryuugamine Aira was sent to the Naruto world. A person who shall change the way things are. But...was her knowledge of future the only reason for her selection?

Will she able to prove that 'true peace' is not a naive ideal but something that is truly possible?

 Most importantly...who is she? A brilliant strategist or...a voice from the heavens?

* * * * *

Status of 'Tales of a gutsy ninja series' :

Book 1 : The tides of change (COMPLETED)

Book 2 : A tryst with destiny (ongoing)

Book 3 : Strategist from the heavens (coming soon)

* * * * *
A/N:  All characters except Aira belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Basic knowledge of 'Naruto world' is required to understand the story. This story shows a battle of wits and valor with the backdrop of the all too familiar Naruto plotline. So without any further delay...happy reading;)

Is it in English yet? If so where can I buy the English translation from?
etphhome etphhome May 28
People look at me different, they call me a freak, otaku, nerd, weird,but I don't care, I am myself. I never cared what others think of me
Lmao, I'm re-reading this, after the second book and wow. This explains who is who and their motive in the second book. 😂😂😂
It's all because people realise too late that they have the freedom to choose what to do with their life. Sad.
Woah it's funny how my teacher teach us about Amaterasu last month and now it's on wattpad. Guess stu-dying really did help a little with your life.
                              (I am not Japanese.)
kittehz552 kittehz552 Mar 03
I don't know why but I just never seen any children, I have a motherly personality but I just dont want any