The tides of change (Tales of a gutsy Ninja 1) - Completed!

The tides of change (Tales of a gutsy Ninja 1) - Completed!

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" As long as there are those who believe peace is possible, there still is hope.
 - Jiraiya(Tales of a gutsy ninja)

* * * * *

Ryuugamine Aira was sent to the Naruto world. A person who shall change the way things are. But...was her knowledge of future the only reason for her selection?

Will she able to prove that 'true peace' is not a naive ideal but something that is truly possible?

 Most importantly...who is she? A brilliant strategist or...a voice from the heavens?

* * * * *

Status of 'Tales of a gutsy ninja series' :

Book 1 : The tides of change (COMPLETED)

Book 2 : A tryst with destiny (COMPLETED)

Book 3 : Strategist from the heavens (ongoing)

* * * * *
A/N:  All characters except Aira belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Basic knowledge of 'Naruto world' is required to understand the story. This story shows a battle of wits and valor with the backdrop of the all too familiar Naruto plotline. So without any further delay...happy reading;)

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_Fallen_Stars_ _Fallen_Stars_ May 02, 2017
Is it in English yet? If so where can I buy the English translation from?
Nightmare_Dreamer_ Nightmare_Dreamer_ Jul 13, 2017
Cafe au lait is coffee with milk for those who don't know French
Miaya_Gekkohara108 Miaya_Gekkohara108 Sep 22, 2017
This is like Lissana Strauss's death from Fairy Tail in that one episode where Mirajane kicks Freed's sorry little sad for saying and making her remember the death of her little sister._.
honestly, growing up is something everyone will do eventually, but what matters is that you are happy and taking care of yourself and still has that childish fun side
Black hair and golden eyes 
                              She could be Claude (sp?) 
                              Faustus sister
GabiQ0812 GabiQ0812 Oct 07, 2017
Isn't Amaterasu-õ-mi-kami a Japanese Goddess? If so, then I think it's a makes a little sense, at least for me...