A Unique Kind of Love (PUBLISHED)

A Unique Kind of Love (PUBLISHED)

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The book is already live on Amazon, go get it now! You can find links to it on my blog.
Lena Rose Winter was the typical seventeen year old girl, or so everyone thought. She had a secret, something she hated talking about. She knew what love was, and she dreaded it. The cause was that she lost someone very close to her heart because of it. 

Liam Christopher Black was far from your typical bad boy. He was a good guy, the one who would sit at the back of the class, not making a sound. They said that time healed sadness, but it was hard for him. Trauma by the news of his family dying in a car crash caused him his voice. He was mute.  

Becoming friends with someone was a risk, because you could always end up caring too much. Lena didn't care. She fought for the boy and for his friendship. They ended up falling for each other; hard. It seemed as if the world put obstacles in their way before permitting them to truly be together. Because, of course, after rain, the sun comes out. 

This may be a sappy love story, but it's got just enough sappiness for one person. It is a story about finding love after losing all hope of being happy. 
please excuse all the errors and plot holes, I was thirteen when I wrote this. please enjoy!

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KyleeToRylee KyleeToRylee Aug 08, 2017
I hate flavor, but I love the smell of fresh ground coffee. ☕️
lucky1996 lucky1996 Sep 09, 2017
This story is similar with my life. I felt every bit of the story in my heart... We split because we couldn't be together. I loved her..
ArcoAtco ArcoAtco Aug 03, 2017
It's hot were I live normally gets cold around October or November
aarsela aarsela Jun 17, 2017
Agh Stacy. I can see from the comments that I'm not going to like her 😂😂 not one to judge but yeah.
Broroni Broroni Jun 15, 2017
I love this book so much. I read it before it was put onto Amazon, and I wish so much that I could read it again but I can't buy it.
KyleeToRylee KyleeToRylee Aug 08, 2017
I don't mean to ruin the moment or anything, but it's not "Ti amo", it's 'Te amo'. 
                              Just thought I'd put that in there in case someone wants to use the phrase, so that they don't get it wrong, no hate.