It Started with Hate

It Started with Hate

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"The more he smiled, the more I wanted to hate him, and yet it was the very thing that made hating him impossible." 
― Jamie McGuire

What do you get when you have a quarterback and a cheer captain?

                                         World War III.

At least that's the case in Georgina Hills High School.

With Stacey Castellan as head cheerleader and Keegan Moore as quarterback, you'd think that its a war zone at GHHS .

They hate each other and they're not afraid to show it, and it doesn't help that people around them find it amusing, they basically bicker with each other for a living ever since the diaper era.

What happens when lies, exes, bets and drama come in? Will 'Hate' still remain 'Hate'? Or can they somehow turn their feelings around?

Started - September 21st, 2015
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LEPgymnast101 LEPgymnast101 Apr 26, 2016
Wait I thought puta meant slut that's what my friend told me and she speaks fluent Spanish
thumper1230 thumper1230 Mar 16, 2016
Oh no no no what you get when you cross those is..... typical