Alpha Queen [1]

Alpha Queen [1]

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a.l.l.i.e. By FifthAngeI Completed

"Who was your first kiss?" He asked, very serious and my face started reddening.

"I. . . I haven't been kissed. Yet." I stuttered and looked away, not having the courage to meet his eyes and admit this.

"Why not?" Why was he asking me this?

"You obviously know why. I'm average, I'm just a normal girl-" I was interrupted by an impatient scoff.

"That's not why."

"Fine, you tell me why." I retorted but instantly regretted it. He was going to tell me I wasn't pretty enough or that I wasn't interesting enough or-

"You were waiting."

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I love it already. Great prose.  Not many start in this writing style... It gives a fairy tale like vibe
Is this the story of werewolves or like a childhood memory or something
Wow. The first paragraph..has so much vivid description. I'm in awe, ur writing is amazing
StolenQueenx StolenQueenx 5 days ago
the first paragraph and i've all ready added this to my collection of werewolf fanfics
wow your writing is amazing i already know this book is gonna be great
Is this book gonna be third person’s POV or is it just this chapter? I like to read books that are in first person’s pov but this book still sounds great