Queen of the Wolves ♚ [1]

Queen of the Wolves ♚ [1]

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"Who was your first kiss?" He asked, very serious and my face started reddening.

"I. . . I haven't been kissed. Yet." I stuttered and looked away, not having the courage to meet his eyes and admit this.

"Why not?" Why was he asking me this?

"You obviously know why. I'm average, I'm just a normal girl-" I was interrupted by an impatient scoff.

"That's not why."

"Fine, you tell me why." I retorted but instantly regretted it. He was going to tell me I wasn't pretty enough or that I wasn't interesting enough or-

"You were waiting."


Queen of the Wolves [1] // Princess of the Pack [2] // Hunter of the Heart [3] // The Moon Goddess [4]

A King can only rule with a Queen by his side.

All her life, Alexandria Mason has felt like a piece of her was waiting for something. Or someone. Six years ago, Alpha Ares Trueblood met her for the first time and recognized her as his mate. He made a promise to come back and bring her to his pack when she turned 16. On the day of her 16th birthday, Ares returns to claim her as his mate. But Alex struggles to find a place in her new home, especially when the other wolves don't see her as their Luna.

Will she learn to accept what fate has given her or will she choose to run back to her old life? 


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Now that we're men
                              We can do anything
                              Now that we're men, we are invincible
                              Now that we're men
                              We're going to Shell City
                              Get the crown, save the town and Mr. Krabs
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Did You guys know that the emoji poop is actually a icecream thing? #facts
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The first sentence had me hooked on I'm astounded at how well this is written and it's already the first chap!