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Until I Met You

Until I Met You

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K.C. Legend By keyonn Completed

I knew it was wrong. I knew that I wasn't suppose to be in love with him but it happened. It was slow and sweet. 

Some just could not understand. There was no way you could just turn it off. It was like an addiction. No matter how hard you try to put down that cigarette you just come back needing to feel the calmness, the life it gives you. 

I tried to put it down, I tried to leave him where he was found. It seemed the more I ignored the more he wanted. 

It seemed like my world was crumbling Until I Met Him.


Seventeen year old Payton has more to her then what meets the eye. All of her memory is filled with men taking what they wanted and leaving. Payton finds herself pregnant under the control of her abusive mother and horrible memories. She never thought running into the men's bathroom would lead her new teacher wanting to know more about her. 

The more she pulled away seemed to be his motivation to keep moving forward. Ashton wanted to be the perfect guy until all of his secrets started to unfold. 


Not too shabby, guys with beards are pretty attractive (just can't be too long)
Our theatre teacher is pretty hot....too bad I don't have his class😂
My friend did this she had to pre cause we made her laugh and she almost pissed herself so she ran for her life