Those Strange People (A Mortals Meet Demigods Collection)

Those Strange People (A Mortals Meet Demigods Collection)

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Just M By wihusker Updated Apr 24, 2016

Well, this is a mortals meet Percy and Co book, and lots of the stuff in here is going to be rather cliche.

Most characters are OCs, and there will be an occasional PJO/HoO minor character.


P. S. Me no own PJO/HoO characters. Dem Riordan's.

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  • caleo
  • frazel
  • jiper
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Meets: The seven
                              Situation:she likes Percy but finds out he has a girlfriend she backs off but is now broken inside she then put up a wall of emotion.
Team_Leo911 Team_Leo911 Oct 06
Harmony solace 
                              Apollo and wills mom
                              Pastel blue eyes and really pale blonde hair 
                              Kind,emo but not,cant feel love
                              She meets a mortal
                              Pervert guy but she has a boyfriend named Caleb that is a son of hypnos
Seanna Kelly (@Ellathebookacorn, she's star✨😂)
                              Brunette, short, average height 
                              Acting, dance 
                              Hanging out w/ Piper and her bf Kyle (my friend Seanna is actually dating someone names Kyle😂) when monster appears
Harmony gleesouth 
                              Apollo(her mother is daughter demeter the most famous gardenist in west europe)
                              Honey blond hair blue sky eyes average height and creamy tan skin
                              Sweet,innocent,caring,but scary when angry
                              Love baking,cooking,sing,play instruments 
                              meet polux(then dating)
Percabethfoever1231 Percabethfoever1231 Dec 23, 2016
                              Richest family in the state
                              Dyed platinum blonde hair and grey contacts(to make her look "exotic " and "different")
                              Snoby stuck up slut lost verginity at age 14 
                              No mist boyfriend #5 dumped her for Annabeth. Bully's Annabeth Percy comes to pick Annabeth up and turns Judith down
kaitlanasagemini kaitlanasagemini Nov 19, 2016
Ivy ban-ahi
                              Apollo and rich person 
                              Brown hair dark skin blue eyes
                              Nice and hates living in a snobby area called melody heights
                              Piper is her neighbor but she then hits on jason