Cнeѕнιre • avengerѕ ғan ғιcтιon

Cнeѕнιre • avengerѕ ғan ғιcтιon

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Lilly-Rose⚓ By Lonely_Lost_Girl Updated Jul 13

|"I'м noт crazy, мy realιтy ιѕ jυѕт dιғғerenт ғroм yoυrѕ."|

Everyone had heard of the fairy tale story of Alice in wonderland. But what they don't know is that it is all real. And they've only heard the beginning of the story.

Running from the trouble back home. Running so far as to run to an entirely new world. One that is completely different from Underland. A world where Cheshire was known as a fairy tale character.
 With the dangers of the Red Queen gaining the crown yet again, Cheshire was sent away from Underland. To the above ground called Earth and to a place that the human's called New York City. In her arrival to New York she had met a man named Nick Fury who happened to be a director of an organization called SHIELD. From then on Cheshire was taken in by SHIELD where she met new friends and was able to learn and become accustomed to this strange new world she has found herself in. 

After one full year of living on Earth, a lot had happened. But no one was prepared for what was to come. When Nick decides to bring Cheshire into the mess with a norse god declaring war, well... she just couldn't pass up that opportunity.

|The wonderful cover is by: anuska/@the-superstar| 
|Disclaimer: I do not own the avengers, cheshire or alice in wonderland|

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This is amazing 
                              It's like two of my favorite fandoms rolled into one
                              I'm fangirling so much right now
RemiSage RemiSage Oct 13
I need this gif, but can't download it. 
                              Anyone have a link or something, help a fangirl out XD
I love how it's Underland and not Wonderland, you have no idea how pleasing it is for facts to be right. My factual OCD is crying years of happiness right now😂😍😂😍😂
TheBaeMagnet TheBaeMagnet Oct 11, 2015
I haven't even read the first chapter and I'm already obsessed! This book will definitely go a long way :3
Lonely_Lost_Girl Lonely_Lost_Girl Aug 14, 2015
thank you so much! don't worry I plan on it! I like this story idea ❤
unicornbowtie unicornbowtie Aug 13, 2015
Update please!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I think this would become a AWSOME book if you keept on writing!