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I Was Only Trying To Protect You

I Was Only Trying To Protect You

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Isabella By stonyshipperyaya Updated May 16, 2016

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool never needed anyone. He had always been able to get up after a fight even when he didn't have his legs. But as he walked down the street he felt lost; he felt empty; he felt... dead. 
"Stop it author! You're giving too much away" - Deadpool 
Fine! Spideypool story

- - Jun 22, 2016
Holy...did you JUST try to flirt with DEADPOOL'S fiance? Are you nuts?
pdmxcn pdmxcn Mar 01, 2016
Love that you wrote fiancé correctly. Fiancé: man who is engaged to be married. Fiancée: woman who is engaged to be married.
Frisk_of_undertale Frisk_of_undertale Mar 30, 2016
Me: *raises hand* Can I kill him now? 
                              Voice: no
                              Me: why!!! *sobs dramaticly*
                              Oh yeah and Wade...
ryanreynoldsbutt ryanreynoldsbutt Apr 24, 2016
I'm freaking out and panting and my feet are sweating like crazy and I want to murder my hearts beating faster and faster yet not at all I'm going to scream
FandomTrash101 FandomTrash101 Nov 01, 2016
*Flips table* I'm dying ok... he wanted some of that peter butt! I FLOPPING KNEW IT! Excuse 
                              Meh French (Oh jeez help me... )