50 Shades of Graham

50 Shades of Graham

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Taurus03 By 1963196620J Updated Feb 17

When naive college student, Onika Maraj, interviews billionaire bachelor, Aubrey Graham, she learns there is more than he shows. 

Onika Maraj: the straight A student, the good girl, the shy and kind one. She had many titles to herself, but only preferred 'Nicki.' She is in her final year at University of California, Los Angeles, along with her friend, Jocelyn Jones. When she isn't involved with her schoolwork, she works at her signature job, Red Lobster, or The Lobster as she calls it. When she is volunteered to do an interview, her whole world and view on life itself changes.

    When her friend, Jocelyn Jones, succumbs the flew, she volunteers herself to go to interview the rich and successful Aubrey Graham. As she is there, she notices he is a man of arrogance, exquisite tastes, and mystery. When she leaves the interview, she has feelings, funny feelings. Feelings that leave her wondering about him. People around her tell her to face her facts, but what facts? When she feels that the only time she'll see him again is on television, he makes a surprise visit to her working establishment. 

    After a night of plane riding, she learns more about him. She learns of his dominate ways, his kinky interests, and things that make him tick like a time bomb. As he has a desire to know Onika on a more private, confidential, and close level, she's unbolted to eroticism, physicality, and carnality. She has a desire to a possess cutting-edge involvement in his world, but starts to question herself while exploring him. Is this what she wanted? Is this how she wants to explore her own sexual boundaries as well as his? 

This is the first installment of the "50 Shades" series.

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ReciLover ReciLover Jan 25, 2017
When she asked that in the mouth I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂
ovoAubs ovoAubs Aug 14, 2015
Once again confused as shït. :( great chapter and use of big girl words haha
Sxmplyqueen Sxmplyqueen Aug 13, 2015
I haven't seen the movie either but the book seems really good so far