Levi's Brat

Levi's Brat

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"What's your name? " The man looked down on me with an annoyed look. 

"What?" I asked looking up at the man before me. He scoffed. 

"What's your name, brat?"
All characters belong to Hajime Isayama.

The_Fab_Loser The_Fab_Loser Jul 13, 2016
STATIC SCREECHING OD THE LOST SOULS.....every radio alarm ever
Yvfangirl Yvfangirl Jul 12, 2016
Levi's giving really good tips, Ex. Make sure you threathen your date so they show up.
SmolBeamPlisetsky SmolBeamPlisetsky Jul 20, 2016
(Insert drink), is that a new thing or! Because I've never heard of it and I wanna try this new beverage. But really Starbucks, these names are seriously getting out of hand... 😕
The_Fab_Loser The_Fab_Loser Jul 13, 2016
I'm a áss ....but every fanfic they meet up or end up in a starbucks.....it might be good but I'm a peasant so I've only seen the outside of one so...continue with the Starbucks fetish
Vintagerose21 Vintagerose21 Dec 09, 2016
Am I the only one who was like
                              Yep I was.
EzraMatical EzraMatical Dec 31, 2016
venti, half-whole milk, one quarter 1%, one quarter non-fat, extra hot, split quad shots (1 1/2 shots decaf, 2 1/2 shots regular), no foam latte, with whip, 2 packets of splenda, 1 sugar in the raw, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon