Erupt (boyxboy)

Erupt (boyxboy)

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John Doe By _craveyou Completed

Mark Langdon has had it easy in his life, financial wise, with both his parents being considerably well off and able to provide everything he has wanted. He's also very attractive and everyone's eyes are usually on him. 

His best friend is Jackson and the two of them are inseparable, since they were both seven. Jackson's older brother, Derek, also likes to hang out with them as well. 

However, for Mark, he just had to fall in love with Derek, who only considers Mark as a really good friend and nothing else. 

What everyone doesn't know is that Mark has secrets of his own, deep and twisted, and once they come to light, it will never be the same again.

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kwxxnbxx kwxxnbxx Jun 02
Literally me except for it was my phone when the iPhone 6 came out
nbrowne44 nbrowne44 Nov 19
Besides the group of friends &  the fact that I'm quite a bit older...  Those emotions are EXACTLY what I feel on a daily basis..  Grrr it sucks!!
Child I'm 25 but I still don't feel a day older than 18 weird I haven't changed at all 🤔🤔
I kinda feel bad for Mark atm bcuz he got friendzoned or family zoned... 😭😭😔
hmm I wonder why he's soo excited for Friday. Maybe too see Mark buh who knows