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If I Can't Have You . . .✔

If I Can't Have You . . .✔

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Breedlove By KiaraBreedlove Completed

Skye's entire life has been dedicated to someone else's happiness, whether it be her mother, her husband, Damien, or her kids. It's rare that she makes a move without considering them. 

When Damien's behavior becomes more and more violent, Skye is forced to choose between her marriage and what's best for her children and herself. 

The decision will threaten to shatter her rocky relationship with her mother, who has a great deal invested in Damien and Skye's union. Whatever her choice, there will be collateral damage. 

Told through the eyes of Skye, Damien, and their sixteen-year-old daughter, Sasha, it's a story of love, loss, ego and betrayal.

**WARNING: This book deals with the sensitive subject of domestic violence. Great detail is not used, but the issues and happenings will be discussed. Strong language and subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.**

BlazingTealStars BlazingTealStars Sep 21, 2016
This is literally how I feel when Paula Patton smiles. Way to use her real life demeanor to the advantage of your character description. Brilliant!
- - May 07, 2016
As a mom being told your not attractive enough hurts,  since you carried someone seeds and to through in your face.  SMH I hope hubby never say to my face. 😯😯😯
TemmeraDonnelly TemmeraDonnelly Aug 17, 2015
I just got out of a marriage like this, I'm feel in this already
TemmeraDonnelly TemmeraDonnelly Aug 17, 2015
second book I started I like it already, I think it's going to be great, and it's do vivid I can see everything that is happening :-)
Creative_Notebook89 Creative_Notebook89 Feb 23, 2015
Bama baby...I love it! Not too many Stories set in Alabama on here so when I see one I get excited lol
cocoloso cocoloso Apr 24, 2014
It is really weird I just read a novel by Toni Morrison called The Bluest Eye and the main character's last name is Breedlove.