Into You

Into You

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Dido Rosingberg: 

A senior, beautiful, a little chunky, very goofy, always laughing, outgoing, and what some would call popular.

Reece Kingley:
Every single thing that Dido's not basically. He's not outgoing, he's doesn't do a whole lot of laughing, and instead of being popular he rather keep to himself. Though he has the good looks and senior part down packed. 


Of course their relationship was questioned, but the pair balanced eachother out and what was understood didn't have to be explained.  


*nothing happening in this story correlates to the characters REAL lives. it's all make believe.
*This is NOT a Reece King fan fiction. I'm just using him as one of the main characters in this book. 

I'm also not good at descriptions. Life is about taking chances though, so take one on this story. 

|warning: will be adult  scenes and language|

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Before I read this novel. I just have to say. Is that Dorian from a different world?!!! My fav show!!!!
LounellaKing LounellaKing Nov 16, 2016
i guess this book s really good cause i see every one readying it an saying good this about this book is i am going to read it i guess
demeah526 demeah526 Jun 15, 2016
Tbh 😂😂😂 that's him fr. Besides the whole modeling thing
nikesauce nikesauce Mar 22, 2016
open up to meeee thas all you gotta doooo (if you know what im singing u da real mvp)