Shoot and Score My Ass

Shoot and Score My Ass

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Darth MacAwesomeness Vader By PterodactylusFarts Completed

"You couldn't play soccer for your life," he says, his smirk starting to annoy the hell out of me.

"Oh yeah? Watch me," I hiss between gritted teeth before spinning around and walking away, making sure to sway my hips.

He thinks I can't play? I'll show him.

Game. On.
Jackie Parkers. The legacy of the highly overrated high school soccer coach. And in the hugely corrupted world, she's got an easy chance on the team. Except that she can't play for her life. 

Dylan Harrison. Soccer legend. The field is his and he knows it. He's got an easy chance in any university. Only problem? He can't afford it. 

Jackie has something Dylan wants- money.
Dylan has something Jackie wants- soccer.

When Jackie inevitably fails soccer tryouts, she's offered something any sane girl would do continuous cartwheel flips for. 

Dylan Harrison is her new private coach.
And only fate can decide whether or not she'll faint.

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I love running and playing football but when I first started this was totally me
I imagine the person this was said to having the same reaction as Josh in your pic
I want to make a lampshade out of your skin.  Why? Because you light up my life! 💕
Kiwi_211 Kiwi_211 Nov 14, 2016
I have Excersizing-dose asthma, which means I cough when  I run. I mean, I do cough if I run too fast, but I'm getting better. So I'm just relating to her umm... position so far. 🙂
mimififi68 mimififi68 Jul 12, 2016
I already feel for him. Not romantic feelings, but sad feelings that he has to have so much responsibility that he shouldn't have to deal with at his age. I bet something has happened to his mother.
Kiwi_211 Kiwi_211 Nov 14, 2016
Show off. I think I can do better
                              *kicks ball*
                              See. *hairflips*
                              *ball hits the bench and bounces backwards and hits me in head*
                              Ouch XD