How to Plan a Suicide | ✔️

How to Plan a Suicide | ✔️

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"It was her fault really. She let herself believe the world hated her before it actually did... And now it does."

For the last 7 years of Mia's life, she has slowly deteriorated into nothing. Bit by bit she has been picked and thrown to the side by her parents, her cousin, herself. Now, at the age of 18, she finally has an epiphany. If she wants something to happen, it was her job to make it happen. 

So she does. 

She decides to kill herself. 

One week from her date of death, with her plan starting to come together, Mia doesn't think it will be that hard to wait. And it isn't. Until she meets the gangly boy named Dan. Dan comes into Mia's life and shows her how to feel, he shows her he cares, and most of all he shows her how to let go. In one week, Dan teaches her to live.

•completed: 2015

•i've tried to write a book that doesn't romanticise suicide or anything like that, if you're wondering

• #173 in short story- 26/11/16

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nezzaahat nezzaahat Jul 03
This actually made me feel close to you. I mean you seem quiet funny and cool at the same time. 😕😆😅 any ways..