Daddy Issues (BoyxBoy) BOOK 1 (EDITING in progress)

Daddy Issues (BoyxBoy) BOOK 1 (EDITING in progress)

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Thorne Kaylock By Superior_Magpie Completed

Teenage boy, Rei Dominguez, moved from Spain as a young child. Learning English had always been a problem for Rei, especially when his father yelled at him about the lack of progress. When little Rei met an older boy who caught his interest, he soon picked up English in an attempt to find the mystery boy again.

Now 17, Rei is desperate for his father's love. So much so that he became the whore of his high school. When enjoying a fling with the football team, his mystery boy is found in a boy called Parker. Can Rei ever get over his daddy issues and find love in the least likely of places?
With apathetic parents who always work, Parker Black has been left to his own devices since he was a young child. Angry with his parents, he visits his friend, Joshua, only to find him in the middle of an orgy with the school whore.

Parker is empathic when Rei cries for his father's love. He shows him how good sex can be and instantly wins his affection. Now, can he do the same to his parents?

  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • gaylove
  • gaysex
  • lgbt
ThatWeirdWerido ThatWeirdWerido Jul 01, 2017
Who the hell came up with that phrase, I really need to know...
unicornsintears unicornsintears Nov 29, 2017
Who the hell would starve their kid just because they got in a fight??
geeky_hobbit_chic geeky_hobbit_chic Nov 01, 2016
When you're ruined by the Sherlock series so all you can think about is Moriaty
LeXiCaStLe96 LeXiCaStLe96 Aug 31, 2015
I love this story soo much yet it feels so rushed *sad pouty face*