colors ϟ josh dun. [ON HOLD]

colors ϟ josh dun. [ON HOLD]

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"I met him when I was 21, and he was the first guy I ever truly loved. It's like the first lottery ticket I ever bought was the jackpot. And now that he's gone, and the world's back to black and white, I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna win again."


Erin lived her life in black and white up until she met Andrew, having grown up knowing that she'd gain color once she meets her soulmate. But when a tragic accident happens, she's back to a dull world.

Seeing a strange boy, it all comes back suddenly. From first glance, she saw it again. 

Red, framing his head. 

She knew what it meant, but she couldn't bear the thought of living with someone other than Andrew. 


"Let's cause a little trouble, you look like you need it."

"I'm scared."

"Just let the colors guide you"

Book 1 of Soulmate Series

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boysaudade boysaudade Mar 30, 2017
Ok but could you imagine if the world was like this? lol I'd never get my color cuz I'm lonely af
Emily_Anne0809 Emily_Anne0809 Jul 03, 2017
This is a habit I picked up when I talk to people now. Thanks josh
hungryaquarius hungryaquarius Apr 04, 2017
Me: *stops reading now bc I like a guy named Andrew and I'm very stressed about him knowing I like him*
lmaohatemyself lmaohatemyself Feb 07, 2017
I was wondering how they know the colors good to know most of them dont
PizzaRollsAF PizzaRollsAF Oct 28, 2016
Listen to air Cather while reading this. OMG! That so goes perfectly with this book!