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Deal? (Bill Cipher X reader)

Deal? (Bill Cipher X reader)

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Girly_Goldie By Girly_Goldie Completed

You were walking through the forest, dragging a stick along looking for the Mystery Shack. You were supposed to be visiting your friends for the summer. Dipper and Mabel Pines. Your parents forced you to go there, since you had nothing to do back in the large city. You always wanted some sort of siblings but since you never had any, you were in your room most of the time. On your phone or laptop.
Which of course you brought along. Although you weren't staying with the Pines. You were instructed to go everyday to the shack. Until you reached the small house in the woods, seeing it said 'Mystery Hack,' you ignored it. Opening the door. You put your phone away as the twins were watching TV. Mabel looked over  and gasped. "(Y/N!!)" she exclaimed. As she hugged you tightly. "Whoa hey..." You said softly. "Dipper has a really bad flu..." She said pointing to her brother as he was slumped down. You frowned "what is he doing here? Shouldn't he be in bed?" You ask. "No... He refused... But I'm ...

JAmazing7 JAmazing7 Apr 13, 2016
My parents actually are rich so i dont like people making it seem that having so much money us so important.
RoxieTheFox RoxieTheFox Jul 05, 2016
This is actually me!!! Oh my Asgore!!! I'm not kidding!!! I hav no siblings so I'm always on my phone... I'm my room... On either WatPad or YouTube.
IRequireMoreSuga IRequireMoreSuga Apr 27, 2016
That part where it said I don't have any siblings and I just stay in my room on the computer or phone is actually true....
Joey_Aqua Joey_Aqua Mar 31, 2016
This chapter doesn't suck! It is a great chapter. Like moving from another country and finally settling in!
231Max 231Max Jul 13, 2016
I can literally see myself doing all the described things. Phone, check, room, check... I can see my animated self walking into the Mystery Hack. AKA, you're a very immersive writer! VOTE FROM ME! *spams vote button*