Beauty and the Fox (FNAF Foxy X Reader)

Beauty and the Fox (FNAF Foxy X Reader)

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EeveeGirl518 By EeveeGirl518 Updated Apr 19


New Book!!!

Now if you haven't guessed from the title, this will be based of one of my personal favorite movie. Beauty and the Beast!!!

This idea popped out of my head while watching Beauty and the Beast actually.

Cause you know how Beast is feared by almost everyone cause of his looks, attitude, sharp teeth and stuff. Well while watching I actually thought of Foxy.

And Bam! Inspiration!

Hope you like it!!!

Now... On with the story!!!

OH MY GOD  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE.  I just know I'm gonna love this book, now.
Hello! When I was reading the book title, I don't know why, but I pulled a WisteriaMoon and read it like "Beauty and the FOX" XD
I would just be like: "I got teeth now imma bite your face off"
Dt5432 Dt5432 Nov 19, 2015
I would be like " Man. I always wanted to be a beast. Thanks man."
- - Oct 03, 2015
Ikr?! I thought of Foxy too while listening to Beauty and the Beast music. As a matter of fact, I'm making my own FNAF Beauty and the Beast story, except Chica's Belle instead of the reader. :3