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Percy Jackson The Heir Of Slytherin- AU

Percy Jackson The Heir Of Slytherin- AU

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Name? By _theravenking_ Updated Nov 12, 2016

"You are the only living heir of Slytherin and for the matter Voldemort" Chiron says to me with raised eyebrows, I just stand then completely confused "ohh I'm supposed to know what you mean by that?" I reply dumbly.  He shakes his head  "Perseus Jackson you truly amaze me with you stupidity sometimes!" He responds and I groan. 
  Long story short apparently Hecate blessed mortals with magic. And they transport this magic through a wand, buts it's not like one of those plastic ones they are wooden with heaps of different cores. And there is a school for young witches and wizards in England called Hogwarts, which was founded by four wizards they then made houses for the school they are Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. 
  And then (I know long story) I am apparently  the heir of Salazar Slytherin. Which also makes me the Heir of Voldemort, who then somehow turns out to be my lost grandfather. 
  So Chiron told me that I could bring 6 other demigods with me to Hogwarts to complete a year at Hogwarts and hopefully change my grandfathers evil heart. 
  And I know it seems that I have many evil Grandfathers. 
  Join Percy on his latest adventure, as he and  the seven embark on a new journey full of laughter, tears and yelling. As we meet new faces loose old ones and join our favourite characters in their best and worst states. 
  A/N I Don't own any original Percy Jackson  or Harry Potter characters. if you don't like the book you don't need to tell me just go on and choose another book, please keep the comments friendly. Love you all! LEL i don't think people understand this is an AU my story line.....

CaseyGalvez CaseyGalvez Nov 09, 2016
Lol I've always loved Percy Jackson, and I love this chapter 💓
thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 Sep 06, 2016
The idea is fantastic! However the grammar is really bothering me; there should be a new paragraph every time a new person is speaking and comas in the quotations at the end. That is not all that needs fixing but it would make the reading a whole lot easier
Perseus_Jackson811 Perseus_Jackson811 Sep 14, 2016
This is in third person point of view not Percy's... Percy's point of view would be i , my, we
_JJJ_the_ultimate_ _JJJ_the_ultimate_ Feb 10, 2016
A small part of you Percy. You really are Voldemort's grandson aren't you. Though that would be a well protected horcrux.
chocolarefrogs chocolarefrogs Dec 13, 2016
Um no offense but you switch both verb tenses and who's speaking (3rd person to 1rst to back to third) in this paragraph  you might want to clean that up to make it easier to read and better sounding
GoToTartarus GoToTartarus Feb 20, 2016
Imagining an 18 year old godlike boy who has been through two wars and all sorts of hell (literally and figuratively) call his father, an all powerful god of the ocean, "daddy" feels so wrong to me.