Inlove with a Nerdy Guy

Inlove with a Nerdy Guy

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cyra By cyra_22 Updated May 11, 2016

Brianna Emerson, a rich girl who is your typical Ms. Popular in Emerson Academy. Yeah, they owned that school. She had everything every girl wished for; beauty, money and popularity. But those stuffs made her become a slacker and doesn't care about her grades anymore.

Nicholas Winter, the exact opposite also known as Mr. Nerdy. He works hard to get better grades, having a part-time job at a coffee shop, had a sick mother and a younger brother to feed.

What will happen if this two persons with different worlds collide? Will there be a love story or purely disaster?
"W-what...a-are you doing?!" I shrieked in horror. He just grinned at me and cupped my cheeks. I blushed furiously and looked around us. That's the time when I realized that almost-if not all students were looking at us while gaping in shock. Why not? Their so-called Mr. Nerdy was here having his guts to approached me boldly in front of everybody.
"It looks like I win the game." He smirked and kissed me! What the heck!

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