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Aye Aye Captain /hijack/ boyxboy

Aye Aye Captain /hijack/ boyxboy

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Hijack_lover By Hijack_lover Completed

It happened so quickly.. Before I knew it we where attacking Clause's men. Each man and woman dieing one by one. Blood splattered on the deck and our swords dripped with the red liquid. 
"Stay out here and make sure we didn't leave anyone!" 
I ordered and headed towards the Captains office/room. I kicked the door open and my eyes widen at the sight. 

A man with white hair almost like snow if it wasn't dirty. His abs seemed to be trained and tanned, oh how grateful I am that he doesn't have a shirt on. He had glistening sky blue eyes that seem to put anyone into a trance, and oh that evil smirk wooed me. 
But aside of the sexy looks, he killed Captain Clause! The lifeless body of the Captain, laid still on the ground blood leaving his chest in big amounts. 
Oh how angry I felt towards the hot man standing in front of me. 
"Well if it isn't Captain haddock." 
He smirked and cleaned his sword with a hankie. 
"Yes, and you are?" I said sounding close to an order. 
"Jack, Jack Frost"

icantdothistoday icantdothistoday Dec 25, 2015
What if he woke up by falling back in his chair and Hiccup just stood and laughed before maybe helping him back up.
Not_So_Cute_Kittycat Not_So_Cute_Kittycat Oct 18, 2015
I'm so happy that you updated :D I think everyone is looking forward to the next chapter ;)
CrimsonSnow4307 CrimsonSnow4307 Oct 13, 2015
No problem.
                              And hey if you ever just wanna just talk I'm fine with that.
Hijack_lover Hijack_lover Oct 12, 2015
@TheCrimsonSnowflake Okie dokie :) thank you for being understanding.
CrimsonSnow4307 CrimsonSnow4307 Oct 11, 2015
Hey don't worry about it.
                              I just got a little about it that's all.
                              I really enjoyed the story a bunch. Love you, write me whenever.
Hijack_lover Hijack_lover Oct 11, 2015
@TheCrimsonSnowflake thank you. I'm trying to update I've just got things that need to be done. I'll update as soon as possible.