Eternal Winter

Eternal Winter

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Realizing that Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow doesn't fit into the illusion of superheroes, she decides to go on her own path. A path that leads her to becoming a vigilante. The life she once knew and left behind is now coming back to haunt her. Dragging her back into the blood-seeped snow of Russia. Where her most critical mission lies ahead, taking down Russia's greatest and most dreaded criminal. The devil's right hand, the Grim Reaper: Trikov. A ghost that terrorizes the people who get in his way.

With this mission comes a reunion. The reunion of two people, two tragedies, and one story. What happens when your first love has the same mission as you? 

This is the story of the Winter and the Widow, an eternal alliance and a rekindled love.

Nichto ne gorit, kak zimoy. Nothing burns like the winter.

WARNING: Explicit language
Photos used by Phil Noto

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Cuculoko23 Cuculoko23 May 06
Bucky will always end up between Natasha's legs when they fight. Period.
-romanxvia -romanxvia Jan 24
the author of this story: you are a blessing to us all, including bucky
OfDragonsAndSirens OfDragonsAndSirens Jul 31, 2017
YAY!!! but wait,...
                              WHY DID JAMES LEAVE THE AVENGERS!?!?!?!?!?!
SammyGirl_96 SammyGirl_96 Oct 02, 2016
Never ever mess with a red head or black widow they'll be the death of you.
IBrokeBad IBrokeBad Sep 12, 2016
You capture their characters SO WELL. Like I can literally hear this conversation. And the eyebrow twitchhh I CANNOTTTT
Kiki0212 Kiki0212 Jul 11, 2016
300,000 volts of electricity should kill a person. It's like getting hit by lightning a hundred times.