Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines

Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines

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♡Peter Parker ♡ By SarcasticMendes9891 Updated 4 days ago

Love. Be Afraid | Trust The Instinct | This Might Hurt | Lose Your Mind | Can't Go Back | The Doctors Will See You Now | To Hell and Back | The Final Fight. Be Afraid


Cover idea credits @-voidallison

minuitaes minuitaes Apr 15, 2016
Can i please have a Peter imagine? My name is Patri 
                              I love your imagines💚
liamdunbar10 liamdunbar10 Jul 20, 2016
Can I have a Liam imagine. My name is Erika. The plot you can decide
FlamingPhoenix13 FlamingPhoenix13 May 31, 2016
My names Judy, can I have a Derek one and another one but with Isaac. I want one of these imagines to be like one of them fighting with anyone over me. Also both smutty or whatevef
GottaLoveNerds GottaLoveNerds Oct 10, 2016
Stiles. Idk how the plot is I just thought a near death actiony kinda thing would be really cool.  And could you have Derek be my big brother. Sorry if it's not enough (and/or)  to much info. My names Kimberly BTW. Nickname is Kimmy.
Colybabyxoxo_ Colybabyxoxo_ May 26, 2016
My name is Kayla and i want Issac and he finds out I'm pregnant 😊
delacruzjeff delacruzjeff Mar 18, 2016
Can I please have a Liam imagine where he gets injured and I help him? Y/N please