Love & Trust

Love & Trust

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Xoxo_CamilaLover By NinaArianaLover Completed

I sighed. It was from Austin, not Lauren. Biting my lip, I opened the message. 'Just checking on you...everything okay?'

Not sure if anything would be okay again, I texted back, 'No...Lauren broke up with me.'

At least, I think that's what I wrote. I couldn't see past the tears to be sure. By Austin's answer, it must have been.

'I'll be there in five.'

Second book to "We're Not Friends"

shprism shprism Oct 22, 2016
LMFAOOOO is it bad that I kinda want Camila to smash something into it
lernjergiX3 lernjergiX3 Jan 10
Hey there hi there ho there friends I'm totally ready for this (not ready at all)
planetalclouds planetalclouds Oct 16, 2016
me in my head bc it'd be odd to witness a boy screaming and squealing
shprism shprism Oct 22, 2016
Just came from WNF and I'm ready to slit my throat already!! Let's get hurt!
inamaz inamaz Dec 27, 2016
*gasps* camila is a plain-jane?!! i must look like a clown in comparison..😂😂