Love & Trust

Love & Trust

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Xoxo_CamilaLover By NinaArianaLover Completed

I sighed. It was from Austin, not Lauren. Biting my lip, I opened the message. 'Just checking on you...everything okay?'

Not sure if anything would be okay again, I texted back, 'No...Lauren broke up with me.'

At least, I think that's what I wrote. I couldn't see past the tears to be sure. By Austin's answer, it must have been.

'I'll be there in five.'

Second book to "We're Not Friends"

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I also didn't see why..this character of camz is spoiling my view of the actually camz 😭😭😭
Girl dont make me start. I saw you singing and playing guitar for your new songs like crazy at B96. And damn was that freaking hot.
KrisBandanaa KrisBandanaa 3 days ago
🤚🏼 it took TOO long to get rid of Austin now he's coming back
Ally and tall don't go together at all. They can't even be out together in the same sentence. Was the author high when they wrote this cause... Your killing me😂😂😂
i am laughing so hard about all the comments. y'all horny dogs 😂
Ok I literally just found out there's a second book. Bring on the mothafuckkin popcorn