Love & Trust

Love & Trust

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Xoxo_CamilaLover By NinaArianaLover Completed

I sighed. It was from Austin, not Lauren. Biting my lip, I opened the message. 'Just checking on you...everything okay?'

Not sure if anything would be okay again, I texted back, 'No...Lauren broke up with me.'

At least, I think that's what I wrote. I couldn't see past the tears to be sure. By Austin's answer, it must have been.

'I'll be there in five.'

Second book to "We're Not Friends"

jaurguii96 jaurguii96 Jan 22
I feel like later on in this griffin is going to push the limits a little to far and either piss off lauren or it'll cause a fight between camila and lauren
shprism shprism Oct 22, 2016
LMFAOOOO is it bad that I kinda want Camila to smash something into it
lernjergiX3 lernjergiX3 Jan 10
Hey there hi there ho there friends I'm totally ready for this (not ready at all)
I haven't seen that show in forever... I'm singing the theme song in my mind rn 😂
inamaz inamaz Dec 27, 2016
*gasps* camila is a plain-jane?!! i must look like a clown in comparison..😂😂
karlaarell karlaarell a day ago
I can't believe I'm gonna do this to myself again but fûck it