Faking It (OHSHC)

Faking It (OHSHC)

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~Kai Liam~ By Kais_Voice Completed

They didn't notice the wrong last name.
They didn't notice she wasn't a boy.
They didn't notice how she flinched ever so slightly when they touched her.
They didn't notice the scars across her arms
They didn't notice the wrong color eyes.
They didn't notice how her smile didn't reach her eyes.

To them that innocent smile was something they wanted to keep; Hold on to.

They didn't notice that that innocent smile held so much pain.

Though, it's hard to tell when you're so good at...Faking It.

[OHSHCWattys2015  2nd place winner]
Rated Mature for Depiction of Self Harm.

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HackerFox44 HackerFox44 Jul 07
I-i sung it to. It has no background music tho. S-so its just my voice it'll be in my random crap book. I gave you credit!
Jay_Songz99 Jay_Songz99 Aug 01, 2016
I wish they had trigger warnings too. 
                              I used to self harm and I'm in the process of recovering, and it's tough...
Lord_Food Lord_Food Nov 19, 2016
I recorded myself singing it. I messed up a little but it's still pretty good. If you'd like, I could find a way to send it to you?
skyepanda1 skyepanda1 Jun 26, 2016
This was a good first chapter! I enjoyed it. Ash is your original character right? This isn't a crossover with another Anime? :)
skyepanda1 skyepanda1 Jun 26, 2016
She's beautiful as a guy or a girl. One of those people that are gorgeous either way. :)
thebanditqueen thebanditqueen Apr 26, 2016
Anime rule the closer to the window you are the more important you are XD