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mnemophobia | neo

mnemophobia | neo

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she who dreams of N By happynNnding Updated Feb 26, 2016

Mnemophobia n.
The irrational fear, or phobia of memories.

Moonliqht1 Moonliqht1 Mar 22, 2016
I didn't read it yet but leo😡😡u sure are mean poor n 😢😭
Merlintid Merlintid Apr 30, 2016
Why isn't this a movie?! Only seen the vid and OMG please become a full movie starring vixx!!
shiploverofthings62 shiploverofthings62 Jan 15, 2016
I just saw your story and they have to get together they must no matter what. This should be made into a movie!
toly99 toly99 Jan 11, 2016
I just saw that vid :( Im crying :( im really in love with this story :( thank you :( ♡ please be fast for updating the chapters :( ♡
whYNZragon whYNZragon Dec 27, 2015
I read your story at asianfanfiction too and i a bit sad cause u delete it ㅠㅠ but it's okay since you rewrite it... thank you author-nim 🙆