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Growing Up (A Grown-Ups Love Story)

Growing Up (A Grown-Ups Love Story)

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/80s boys trash/ By MrsBriDolan99 Updated Jun 18, 2016

Meet Alexis Thomas, a girl who grew in a small town just with her mother. She never actually knew her father and her mother calls him a deadbeat. Anyway, her mother decided that it would be great for Alexis to grow up in her mother's hometown. So what happens when she becomes best friends with Charlotte and Donna whose parents are The Lamonsoffs and The McKenzies. And also starts to fall for Keithie Feder. Will she grow up when she realizes that her father might just be right around the corner?
(Just Before Grown Ups 2)

VooDooDollFanFics VooDooDollFanFics Feb 23, 2016
I'M SORRY BUT SHE HATES BOOKS, VEGETABLES,  AND CATS?!?!  Who the hell is this girl?!  😂😂