Bad Dog, Submissive Mate

Bad Dog, Submissive Mate

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"Daniel if I have to go to another one of these meetings I'm going to kill someone." I whine smoothing out the wrinkles in my pencil skirt.

"Elle please, you're my beta I need you so suck it up."

"You don't understand! It's hard being nice to other Alphas. They have this dumb cocky, he-man thing going on."

"He-man?" He snorts.

"Yeah." I shrug. "The whole 'I have the power' bit."

He laughs heartily patting my shoulder, "You keep me laughing. I'm glad you're stuck with me."

"Yay for me." I grumble as we walk into the meeting hall to mingle with the other meat heads.

My alpha-Daniel- is the only alpha I know of without a stick up his ass. All these other guys are into controlling shit and driving everyone nuts. As if a pack can't manage without fear, our pack is doing fine.

Alpha Daniel and I have been friends since our diapers days. His dad was my dad's beta but, I decided to decline becoming the next Alpha.

I just wanted to be free and roam through states care free. Of course D...

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cheysoccer16 cheysoccer16 Jun 19, 2017
You'd think with the both being Alpha's that they'd more into one another; trying to establish dominance in a relationship manner. She just seems unaffected.
KushKing6996 KushKing6996 Nov 06, 2017
I like her she's a little fire cracker, she has way differently personality then the other girls in wolf books. I like that
The_Girly_Gaming_Gal The_Girly_Gaming_Gal Apr 01, 2017
It's okay guys! He's only talking about his pink and wet, uncooked salmon
KushKing6996 KushKing6996 Nov 06, 2017
*moves head sassily from side to side*"Im a independent black woman that dont need no man"
NadaTW NadaTW Jan 29
Why? I hope it’s not because you’re a female. I despise sexism. Female alphas could be just as good as male alphas. It depends on the person, not the gender. The only deference a female alpha and a male alpha have is a female alpha has boobs and a vagina and the guy has a diick.
Warriorfangirl45 Warriorfangirl45 Feb 11, 2017
Stupid Alpha: if I throw a stick will you go away
                              Me: Is it the stick up your ass