The Lonely Quest: A Percy Jackson / Harry Potter Crossover

The Lonely Quest: A Percy Jackson / Harry Potter Crossover

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JamlessFangirl By JamlessFangirl10 Updated Oct 18, 2015

Everything was perfect. The Giant War was over, and both the camps made peace. Gaea was “killed” and sent back to Tartarus, along with the rest of her army. The Seven of the Prophecy were as happy as they could be: they were alive. 

Percy finally thinks he can live in peace. He's got everything he could ever want: a beautiful girlfriend, peaceful camps, and no immortal beings trying to take over the world. But that changes very soon.

Harry Potter is in his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Voldemort is back. No one believes him of course, except Dumbledore. But as Dumbledore starts to distance himself from Harry and spends more time with the newest member of the Order, Percy Jackson, Harry can't help but feel jealous of the stranger who doesn't like his full name. 

Will Harry be able to get over his jealousy to stop the Dark Lord? Will Percy be able to protect the Boy Who Lived? 

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I dont ship Thalico,  I love Reynico. This is my second OTP,  Percabeth is first of course
Mosstalons Mosstalons Jun 27
Thank you! I hate fanfics when he reveals himself in the second chapter, they ruin it.
for a second i thought that said "Unfortunately, I'm a middle-aged man who lives in Texas" and i was like dámn sir welcome to wattpad i guess
Magix-Panda Magix-Panda Aug 05, 2016
Times don't add up but.... The Tardis exploded so time is no irrelevant
- - Aug 16, 2016
Rick Riordan lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born in Texas, but doesn't live there.
ScaredyKat234 ScaredyKat234 Apr 25, 2016
awww i was hoping he'd reveal himself in a cool moment at the end of the book